8 Daily Habits For Healthier Skin

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Enjoy Your Water for Healthy Skin

Enjoy Your Water for Healthy Skin

We all  live and breathe by our favorite skin care product.  So this is a nice reminder of things we can do daily that will improve your skin health and appearance without the costly products.

You hear  comments on how real estate is booming these days.   Although I mostly agree with the statement,  in my opinion it dwarfs the booming health and beauty industry by a mile and then some.

Look at these numbers that you easily pull from a quick internet search… One article claims the beauty industry made  $426 billion in 2012 with 27% directly linked to skin care. Another article states that the projections for growth are 7.2% a year through at least 2017.   And I wonder if that is a conservative number.


 Top 8 reminders for healthy skin:

Water:  Skip the Hot Tub  Long showers and hot water dry out your skin by removing the natural oil from your skin.  Limit the length of your shower and use only warm water.

Water:  Drink Like Your Life Depends On It.   Yes, this is the same as above, but not really.  DRINK YOUR WATER.  Roughly 60% of your body weight is from water.  Every system in your body depends on water to function.  You should be consuming anywhere from 9 to 12 cups a day of water a day.   Some of which is consumed through food or other beverages.  Hydration is a very direct result of your skin health.  Not enough water and your skin will look dry, drawn and tired.  Water your skin.

Adequate Sleep:   Love Your Bed.   Just because you can burn the candle at both ends and get by on very little sleep does not mean you should.   Sleep is critical to your skin health because most cell growth and regeneration occurs while you are sleeping.

Avoid Sun:   And wear adequate sunscreen whenever you are in the sun.

Exfoliate Daily:  Buff N Shine.   Using a loofah or a coarse brush will remove dead skin.  Once a week try dry brushing your skin before that quick shower for glowing smooth skin.  And do not forget the face and neck area.  A semi rough inexpensive wash cloth will do the trick.  Buffed skin just glows.

Healthy Diet:  No surprise here.  Eat a well balanced diet of fruits, vegetable, grains and lean protein.  Stay away from processed foods as much as possible and enjoy in season fruits and veggies for variety.  Try to see how much you can eat that actually  has a shelf life and that will help you keep A BALANCED WEEK.  Your skins loves real food and will look happy.

Exercise:  Move That Booty.  Whatever type of exercise is right for you, just do it!  Yoga is my personal favorite.  But whatever works for you, try to incorporate at least 45 minutes of activity into your day, everyday.  Not only is exercise good for the cardiovascular system, it increases blood flow to your skin which aides in….wait for it….you guessed it, glowing healthy skin!

Smoking:  If  you do….STOP IT!  Enough said.  Hey, if I could, anyone can.  Those toxins will be seeping out of your skins for awhile, but once they are out you will look and feel so much better and younger.  And of course you will see a dramatic improvement in your healthy glowing skin.

Your comments are welcome and appreciated.  Let me know what your daily habits are for skin health.

And of course check back often for status update on my very first e-cookbook, free to all my subscribers.  And a follow up e-book on my favorite personally tested……you guessed it….healthy skin products.

Enjoy the week!  Live in harmony with your inner self



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