I am so excited about this site and being able to share it with you. My hope and desire is that you will come here often and contribute and share your everyday tips, ideas, recipes and daily wellness tips.

Living well and nourishing the body, mind and soul does not always seem easy in a busy everyday world. I have found that is it not about fads, diets, exercise programs, new gym memberships or anything else that we decide to try. It is just about lifestyle and everyday living.

It is NOT about perfection or sticking to a schedule. That never works….why…because life just gets in the way. It happens to us all.

My take on everyday life is that simply knowing what it is that we want to incorporate in our lifestyle to enhance and maximize the way we eat, feel, exercise, work and play. Maybe you want to hit a gym three times a week. That is fine, but again, life slips in there and it is not always possible. Many times you get discouraged and just quit. NOPE. DO NOT do that.
It is a mind set. And here it is.


Just make every week the best it can be in your busy daily life and be thankful for each and every week. So what if you didn’t hit all your goals this week or this week was not as productive as last week. Maybe next week will be better than the last six weeks.

Balance is the key to nutrition. I love ice cream and I have no intention of giving it up completely. And I bet you have your favorite pleasures as well. And we all should and we should all enjoy them. Make your pleasures a part of you BALANCED WEEK.
Follow me on my journey and you will see that I will be sharing articles and blogs that I find interesting and on some level relate to. I invite and encourage you to do the same. Please submit any article, recipes or your commentary for all of us to enjoy.

I LOVE to EAT and so I will be sharing some of my daily dishes with you as well. And I hope you will share yours as well.

I am so very excited about this journey and I hope you will be too.

I love you all and here’s to ‘A Balanced Week’.


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