Benefits of Yoga

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Growing up I was not very athletic. As a matter of fact it was all I could do just to pass PE in high school. Years later I joined a gym and yes, I to became a gym rat! I loved the weights, the soreness and powerful feeling that came with weight training. But over time as I aged, chronic pain and regular visits to a chiropractor eventually became as much of my routine as lifting weights.

Then I introduced myself to yoga. And I can honestly say my life has been forever changed. There are so many levels of yoga. When I began yoga the benefits were very slow and very subtle. So much that if it weren’t for the fact that I just enjoyed the calming peacefulness of the class I most likely would have quit. But then after a while I noticed that I started feeling stronger in a way that was totally different from weight training. And I also realized that I hadn’t been to a chiropractor in a very long time. My posture was elongated and my clothes…..well suddenly they just felt like they fit better.


There are many benefits of yoga and you can find literally hundreds of articles online. But right here I am going to list the benefits that I was rewarded with during my first year of yoga.

1. Better Posture

For as long as I could remember, when I sat my back was humped over. But after practicing yoga for awhile, suddenly I was sitting straighter and walking with purpose. And no more back discomfort.

2. Mental Clarity

Yoga has been said to improve memory and concentration. And in a subtle way it does. My take is that you are so focused on your practice and it gives you such a calming feeling that you are able to just unconsciously rid all the garbage from your thoughts. Then when your practice is over your positive thoughts and intentions are right there on the forefront for you to embrace with that strong energized body.

3. Balance

This benefit is so important that it should be the number one reason that you practice yoga. As we age balance becomes our enemy. Most age related injuries are because of deteriorating balance. Again, subtle is the word to describe an increased sense of balance during your first year of yoga. It is never too late to begin yoga.

4. Flexibility

When I began practicing yoga I could barely touch my knees. Now I can bend over and lay my hands on the floor. Everyone’s progress is different, but improving your flexibility leads to a stronger powerhouse of a body.

5. More Energy

Just like any other exercise routine your will have more energy and feel so much better.

6. Boost Immunity

Yes, this claim could be disputed. Yet, my belief is that a healthy lifestyle will only enhance your ability to naturally fight off illnesses. Yoga improves your mental clarity, your chronic pains and enhances your sleep which in turn plays a part in boosting your immune system. So yes the benefits are there.

One thought on “Benefits of Yoga

  1. Glenn

    February 6, 2014 at 10:15pm

    I like this concept, since I fall off the wagon once in a while.

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  2. abraham

    March 20, 2014 at 4:13pm

    i like it but dont rili understand yoga

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