E-Commerce And My Life

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Never, ever box yourself in.   Yes that could be a bit strong and rigid.  So at least allow your box to bend and expand.  That is what I had to tell myself just over a year ago.  And what a ride it has been.

Almost 30 short years ago I found success and passion in real estate.  Twenty five wonderful years as a mortgage loan originator.  When I started in the business I knew NOTHING about lending and all the tedious paperwork and regulations that went with it.  But I was young, a mom to a tween and was determined to make a comfortable living for the two of us.  I seized the opportunity and never gave of thought to being scared.  I just moved forward and became a sponge learning and applying every piece of knowledge I could find.  Eventually I even branched out to flipping some real estate.   Financial success did NOT happen overnight (as they say) or even in a year or two.  But I recognized the baby steps and within a few long years I experienced financial success beyond my imagination.

Fast forward to October 2013.   Many changes took place in my life, both personal and professional.  I needed a new ‘gig’.  I tried many different areas in real estate and nothing really stuck for me.  I kept saying to myself…..self….you need something that keeps you from having to chase the next deal.  Frustration was setting in to this aging mind and body.  One day the light bulb just clicked on for me.  It seems so simple now, but it really wasn’t.  Four words:  LOOK OUTSIDE OF REAL ESTATE!!!!  And once I did…wow!

It began 2014 with the idea of starting a food blog and turn my love of cooking into a blog.  Let it grow and eventually monetize it.  Yea, great idea, but not exactly it.  However, as a side note, this blog may sit dormant for awhile, but will never die.  I have all kinds of ideas that float through my mind regarding this blog.  At some point it will go through many changes and will be a great resource for not only eating and living a healthy lifestyle, but also about support and encouragement to step outside your box and continue to grow and network with like minded people.

Online business!!!  That was what I was looking for.  It is the next big thing!!!  And has been for some time.  Brick and mortar is dying!  But guess what, consumerism is NOT!  People are still buying.  Of course they are.  They are just going about it a different way.  Online.  Wow.  November 2014 I paid a lot of money to attend a 3-day class that some folks from another part of the country put on right here in Dallas, Texas.  I was hooked from the first hour.  My mind was racing.  By the second day I knew that this was a business that I was going to give it my all.   Amazon FBA.  Wow.  I was just one of those old timers that had been on Amazon maybe 2 or 3 times in my life.

Well the journey started 8 months ago.  There have been some ups and downs.  The learning curve was steep, but I feel that I have finally gotten my wings.  And by the way, I did buy into the up sale of the 3-day seminar.  Never in my life spent that kind of money for a coaching program.  Sadly, they did not deliver all they outlined, but I did get enough out of it to get this far.  I changed my strategy on my own and am now starting to see some profit.  This is easy, but not easy.  You have to pay attention and also be reading and learning.  Go wide not deep!  I have goals!  I want my store to be at least selling 400 items a month.  I am now cross selling on ebay!  And a year ago I was scared of ebay too!

All this to say that I will always be reading, learning and networking!  I am even starting to teach my niece the business.   There is enough for all.  I love to share with anyone that wants to know what I am doing.  But if you want to actually do it, well roll up your sleeves and be prepared to work your butt off, because that is exactly what it take.  The rewards will happen along the way and eventually it will all pay off!


To all our successes, AmazonFBASavvydiva


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