Goal Re-Setting for A Balanced Week

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Well so much for my ‘Balanced Week’ or month for that matter.  I began this food and wellness blog to share my take and habits on food, health and fitness.  I set goals of sharing on a weekly basis and already my goals have not been met….BUT

A work in progress

A work in progress

We all set goals and have good intentions of  sticking to our plans.  The challenge I believe is that we set too many goals in too many categories.  And we should, but we need to recognize that it can and is very difficult to work on all goals and all categories at the same time.

And I also get side tracked.  My daytime career is real estate and although I have been working in the industry for many years, I just began a new chapter of real estate as a Licensed Real Estate Agent.  The last couple of months I have been partnering with Trulia and helping local home buyers achieve their goals of purchasing a home.  
 Just like you, I have read, watched and heard so many different takes on setting goals and sticking to them.   They are all nothing more than a guideline as they are so perfectly written that to think you can mirror such a plan is well….just not humanly possible.  
Why is that?  Because we like to think we can multi-task but in truth we simply can not.   We can think about many things in the course of a minute for example.  (Make lunches, don’t forget to pick up the dry cleaning and schedule your dental appointment)  Those thoughts can run thru your head while you are making coffee for example, but each one occupies your thought individually.
That I believe is why so many of us are guilty at some point of just giving up or tossing out a goal.  But that is just wrong.  It is never too late to just get back up on that horse and pick up were you left off.


And that is what I am doing with this blog post.  Take that….A BALANCED WEEK is back.

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