Stress Free Holiday Seasons – A Balanced Season

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It is getting very close to that time of the year again.  Labor Day is behind us and now we start to prepare our homes and families for those special times for you and your loved ones.  Your yearly planning to make memories that last a lifetime.

This can be quite a balancing act.  Balancing enjoyment, family time, memories and preparation without added stress.   So how is the best way to incorporate your task into A BALANCED WEEK?  Here are a few of my thoughts as the seasons near.

  • Think Small – Your family and friends will enjoy your hospitality and company no matter how big or small the event or gift.  Whatever your time and budget permits….that is enough.
  • Plan Ahead – Make your shopping list, plan your budget and stick to it!  There will always be other ideas and things you what to add to the gift list or holiday menu.  DON’T
  • Now could be the time to clear clutter and unused items from your home.  Consider selling good condition used items on local Facebook buy-sell-trade groups, craigslist or a garage sale.  Use the money for the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  Donate what you do not sell.
  • Holiday Shopping – Do it Online…..Super easy and super stress free.  Saves on time and gas!

Keeping it REAL

Have A Balanced Week

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